I’ve never seen this before. The 49ers superstar tight end, Vernon Davis, has two Escalades that are customized in the same exact way. The only difference is that one is a full size Escalade and the other is an Escalade EXT which is basically the pickup truck version. California Wheels hooked him up with 26″ Giovanna Dalar Wheels with Pirelli tires. They both have Strut Grilles with black mesh along with smoked tail lights and tinted windows.

Im not a big fan of this design and think it makes the wheel look like 28s on this car and makes it look like a joke. I also dont like that their is no lip on the wheels. No lip designs only look good on sports cars not SUVs on 26s.

Must be nice to have an NFL salary, cant decide on which model of a car to get? Just buy both! rating -> 6.5/10 and 6.5/10

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