Plies just built this 1968 Pontiac Grand Prix. The car is actually painted in chrome and this is not a chrome vinyl wrap. The paint job is said to have cost $47,000. The wheels on the car are 26″ DUB Azzmackas in an all chrome finish.

I dont like the choice of the wheels at all. The chrome on the wheels makes the car look like it is just a bright silver instead of chrome.  I would have loved to see black racing stripes and black wheels to contrast the chrome finish on the car. I also think he should have went with much more of a classic design. Putting these specific wheels on any car automatically makes it a joke. Nobody will take this car seriously.

But if he had put some black sporty muscle car wheels on this car, it might have been a different story.

CelebrityCarz.com rating -> 6/10

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