David Beckham Audi S8

David Beckham has fallen off the radar for a while now which quite the contrast to his US arrival back in 2007 when he hopped out with an all black Escalade, all black Lincoln Navigator, all black Bentley for Vistoria, and an all black Porsche Turbo. If you asked me what he now, I couldn’t even tell you because he’s fallen off my radar. Now that’s not to say his car game gone. I think the Audi S8 is a nice addition but I will say it needs a little Beckham-style customization!

CelebrityCarz.com rating -> 7/10

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Rating: 8.1/10 (90 votes cast)
David Beckham Scoops an Audi S8, 8.1 out of 10 based on 90 ratings