Love her or loathe her, there’s no doubt Kim Kardashian possess the kind of bulges and curves that put an E-Type Jaguar to shame. The Hollywood sticks may think she’s a little – dare I say it – chubby, but she’s happy in the way she looks, and so are most men if they are honest with themselves. Take the shot above, for instance – here we see the inside door of her blacked-out Range Rover. If you closer, you may see the twin air bags. Very nice…

I chose this shot because it’s not everyday you see a gorgeous McLaren SLR. The other reason was humor – not because parts of Kim’s body are trying to escape her dress, but apparently she chose the SLR to take her pregnant sister to the hospital.


I’m not quite sure what Kayne West and Co find so amusing, but Kim seems happy enough about to climb into this Lamborghini Gallardo.

Kim makes for one sexy hood ornament on this diamond white Range Rover. This pimped out RR combined with her baby pink dress and matching pink accents go together like strawberries and cream.

Kim is no stranger to the Bullrun Rally and has on more than one occasion been given flag-waving duties. She is pictured here with a stunning Koenigsegg CCXR.

This Flat black Ferrari 612 was part of the 2010 Bullrun convoy, an event started by an extremely curvaceous Kim in a white cat suit.

Kim is looking very pleased here, and why wouldn’t you be if you were about to climb into your own Rolls Royce Ghost? Judging by the concrete, Kim obviously feels the same way…

When it comes to the perfect stallion, there’s nothing finer than a Ferrari 458 Italia. Kim looks very good in white.

Kim looks stunning here, showing off her assets as she climbs down from her murdered-out Mercedes G63 Wagon. I personally don’t think Kim suits this style; it’s the sort of vehicle you’d expect to see either Becks or Bieber to be driving.

This is a classy and sophisticated shoot for Platinum Motorsport. Kim looks effortlessly sexy in black, as does this rather rare and 1 of 20 Lamborghini Reventon.


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