Considering how many countries the UK Top Gear is broadcasted in, I don’t think there is a single person on the planet who doesn’t know who this guy is. From his hatred of “bicyclists” and “eco mentalists” to his hilarious use of hyperbole test driving cars, Jeremy Clarkson has been talking and writing about cars since the days of Thatcher.

Having started reviewing cars such as the early Golf GTI when he sported an afro, Jeremy is more at home in 1000-bhp supercars. In fact, he was ridiculed by his fellow presenters when he purchased a Ford GT-40 as is drank too much gas and he couldn’t climb into it without looking like a “cock”.

Clarkson was spotted in West London this year in his new £80,000 Jaguar F Type. I love the white and contrasting black rims, however, I’m surprised to see Clarkson in a convertible – he once claimed on TV that anyone over the age of 28 couldn’t get away with a convertible. rating -> 9/10

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