Celebrity Cars are always of interest because custom cars are a way to express your self just like fashion or art.

Welcome to CelebrityCarz.com ; where we show you what celebrities do with their money – as far as cars go. We choose not to post any random car on this blog but only the celebrity cars that are interesting. We like to post only the celebrity cars that have been modified in some way.

We will be focusing mainly on custom cars that are modified with wheels, body kits, and any other custom work that the celebrities have had done.

This is the ultimate blog for all celebrity cars. Find out what celebrities drive and all the different celebrity rides at CelebrityCarz.com. For each post, we will give you the general description of the vehicle with all the custom modifications and give you our opinion along with our celebritycarz.com rating. We then have a star rating system which the readers can vote on the celebrity cars!

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We welcome all comments and opinions on how well or how bad the celebrities taste is when it comes to their cars. So make sure you comment on the pictures.


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