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Hunter S Thompson SUPER RARE collectors item!! Johnny Depp WOULD WANT THIS!!:

OK this is IMO, my educated opinion as to ANY and all collectibles from HST...this package includes THE MOST RARE items anyone anywhere could hope to find...At least as far as the autograph, AND the ultimate SUPER CRAZY RARE ITEM is the T-Shirt that Hunter made in summer 1995...when the ownership of his local watering hole , called The Woody Creek Tavern , was changed, and the new owners wanted NO SMOKING inside! Well Hunter as well as his nearby neighbour Ed Bradly , the black reporter from 60 minutes, they used to drink way into the night there, for many years , with the previous ownership, which I think went way back , all the way back to 1970 when Hunter ran for sherriff of Aspen.. So when I was up at his place to meet him, I was told by his 'editorial assistant' which was just another tart as you can imagine!) that there would be no cameras allowed under any circumstance..this is too bad, cause I wish I had of really cared enough about that , cause I was there for 2 hours talking with him~! He brought me out a COLD Molson Golden! He loved Canadian Beer,. I brought him a 6 pack of Moosehead, since I figured he might not have tried it. He also brought me this shirt that he had designed himself and had made 12 copies of .. I took it and immediately tossed it into my car, but he said to me . "That's a rare thing" so I took it back out and looked at it closer.. Well I was star struck a bit and not focused then on the shirt or the autographed Rolling Stone magazine he handed me, (the one from 1994 with B+W picture of Courtney Love on cover, with his name on cover as he just had an article published..he signed it in metallic silver)..after all he was one of my HEROS , my literary heros, and I had so many questions I wanted to ask, since I just had finished reading 2 autobiographies about him literally a few days b4!! OK so when it was time to leave, I pulled out the Oscar Acosta book , which he wrote the foreword for, and I got him to sign that , then I went back down to the Tavern , wearing the shirt... I was playing pool when one of the owners approached and said , "I see you have been up to visit Hunter" I asked how he knew , and he told me the shirt I was wearing was SUPER SUPER rare.."He only had 12 of those printed up" is what I heard.. OK so how many of those 12 shirts are still in existence today? 26 years on...! Hunter is gone, but Juan , his son, and the owners of the tavern at Woody Creek can verify my story in as much as they BOTH KNOW about this one and only time the WRITER ,tried his hand at textiles/graphics..and of course 12 only made is why it is RARE. He actually created something VISUAL! something wearable!~ This is more rare and cool then buying one of William Shatner's gallstones! It is far more rare then spending 67 million on DIGITAL ART! or 3 million on a POKIMON CARD! or 1.5 MILLION on a friggin' VIDEO GAME! LOL! (or 18 K U.S. on a 'sculpture' which is empty space!! "existing in the vacuum!!" I am hoping Johnny Depp will reach out to me about this set of items, (the pictures are the3 actual printed SEPIA TONED, I am a professional level photographer/filmmaker and artist, and often-times back then I would cross-process my color negs and thus you see the weird orange tint..) and buy them himself, because I have a couple very cool projects that I think he would want to get behind! Anyways , I am accepting offers.... if they reach my desired price, which is not far from asking price.. but again..THIS BEATS ANY BOOK Hunter signed, it beats anything other then MAYBE if you have verified unpublished manuscripts. signed or otherwise verified.. shipping will be discreet and FAST and FREE anywhere in the world! IF YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO HAS $$ and wants a piece of literary HISTORY by way of the artist working a different medium ONE TIME , during a feud of sorts with his local pub, you cannot beat this! thanks for reading..and again, I encourage ANYONE who doubts ANY part of this story , to seek out HUnters SON or his literary assistant from early to mid summer 1995.or the owners of the Woody Creek Tavern at that period (if they have since changed of course)

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