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Pokemon Cards Base Set 2 Holo, Clefable #5/130 Gem Mint 9.5 Free Shipping:

BRAND NEW, BASE SET 2 HOLO, CLEFABLE #5/130, GEM MINT 9.5 , MADE BY WIZARDS OF THE COAST., PLEASE SEE PICTURES TO CONFIRM THE CONDITION.... Doug’s Sports Cards Inc.Hi, I’m James Wright and Thank You for Checking out my Cards. All are from 1999 & 2000 - Base Set, Jungle – Fossil - Team Rocket - Base Set 2 - Neo Gensis and Neo Discovery. Also, My Black Star Promos - Black Star Holo Promos - Black Star Reverse Holo Promos & Pre-Release Holo Promos. From “Wizards of The Coast” 1999 to 2000. I Have Personally Graded 12 million Sports and Non-Sports and Pokémon Cards, Over the Past 28 Years. I Take Card Grading Very Seriously, That I Grade to The Exact Correct Grade! Because You Deserve, Only the Very Best Quality Grading in the World. I Personally Guarantee 100% that the Grade that I Assign to Each, and Every card is the True Grade of that Card. I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, if You are Unsatisfied in any way with the Grade that I Have Assigned to Each Card That You Buy From me. I Thank You in Advance for You Being a Patron/Customer of Mine. DISCLAIMER: I Have Done the Market Research on all our Pokemon Cards. I Guarantee That You are Receiving the Best Price in the World for the Pokémon Card that You Have Bought From Me, That if You can Find A Card of The Same Quality at a Lower Cost, I will Refund You the Difference with in 5 Business Days. I Have Been Buying and Selling Pokémon Cards Made By “Wizards ofThe Coast” For Over 24 Years Now. Below,You will Find the Grading Card System,That I Use to Grade all the Pokémon Cards that I Sell on .ca and .com Please See Below, The Grading System that I Use to Grade, Not Only Pokémon Cards, But Also all Sports Cards and Non-Sports Cards and Gaming Cards. Gem Mint-GM - 10 Gem Mint-GM - 9.5  Mint-MT- 9 Near Mint-Mint-NR-MT-MT – 8.5  Near Mint-NRMT - 8   Excellent-Near Mint-EX-MT - 7.5+ Excellent-EX - 7  Very Good - VG - 6.5+ Good-G - 5Fair – F – 3-4 Poor – P – 1-2  Played With - PW - 2-3  Heavily Played - HP - Why Buy from “jameswright1961” I only Carry “Wizards of The Coast” Base Set One - 1st Editions - No Shadow Base Set One –Base Set One – Jungle 1st Editions – Jungle – Fossil 1stEditions – Fossil – Team Rocket 1st Editions – Team Rocket – Base set 2 – Neo-Gensis 1st Editions – Neo–Gensis – Neo–Discovery 1stEditions – Neo–Discovery – Black Star Promos – Black Star Holo Promos – Blackstar Reverse Holo Promos – Prerelease Holo Promos – WB Movie Promos – “Wizards of The Coast” Gold W Promos.Any I and My Company’s Buy and Sell, Only Non-Holo Rare’s – Holo Rare’s – Rare 1st Editions – Rare Black Star Promos – Very Rare Black Star Holo Promos – Very Rare Black Star Reverse Holo-Promos – Very Rare Prerelease Holo Promos – WB Movie Promos – “Wizards of The Coast” Gold “W” Promos. I Only Sell Non-Holo Rare’s and Up to The Most Super Rare Black Star Promos – We do not Sell Commons and Uncommon’s from The First 7 Pokémon Sets Made By “Wizards of The Coast”. “I HAVE OVER 5,000 POKEMON CARDS IN STOCK FROM, “WIZARDS OF THE COAST”, Non-Holo Rare’s, Holo Rare’s, Black Star Promos, Black Star Holo Rare Promos, Black Star Reverse Holo Promos, Prerelease Holo Promos, WB Movie Promos, "Wizards of The Coast" Gold “W” Promos!!!!!! All The Pokémon Cards That I Sell are of a Grade of "Near Mint to Gem Mint 10" All my Cards Were Bought Directly from “Wizards of The Coast” and Were Shipped to My “Sports Card Super Store”, In Calgary, Alberta, Canada. By “Wizards of The Coast”. Because I Was a “Direct Collector Hobby Store” to “Wizards of The Coast” and Had a License to Sell Pokémon Cards, Made by Wizards of The Coast Themselves and That, I Was the Only Retail Store in Canada to Receive These Types of Pokémon Cards and Promo Cards From 1999 to 2000, From Wizards of The Coast, The Only Maker of Real Genuine English Pokémon Cards Printing Company, From 1999 To 2000”. All 37 Different Black Star Promos, Black Star Holo Promos, Blackstar Reverse Holo Promos, Prerelease Holo Promos, WB Movie Promos and “Wizards of The Coast” Gold “W” Promos. All These Pokémon Cards Have Never Been Touched by Human Hands Ever for Over 20 Years Now. AND ARE “BRAND NEW" AND NOT PREVIOUSLY OWNED POKEMON CARDS!!!!! THAT MEANS THAT I AM THE ONLY ONES IN NORTH AMERICA TO BE SELLING BRAND NEW POKEMON CARDS, MADE BY WIZARDS OF THE COASTFROM 1999 TO 2000 ON .CA AND .COM”!!!!!!!“(The Only Other Retail Stores in Canada that Were Allowed to Sell Pokémon Cards, were 7-11 Stores and Toys Are Us Stores and They Were Only Allowed To Buy and Sell Sealed "Retail Packs" of Pokémon Cards and Not Hobby Store Packs and Boxes.) Safe, Secure and Speedy. “We Guarantee All Our Cards are 100% Genuine Official “Wizards of the Coast” Pokémon Cards. And all Cards will be Sent out, “Safely Packed Bubble Envelopes”, to Avoid Your Item/s Being Damaged in the Post Office Shipping Services with Tracking Numbers."Free Shipping" Shipping Without Tracking Numbers, But Mailed by First Class Services", If You choose this free Shipping Service, "If you chose this Free Shipping Service, Please Note "This Free Shipping Service, is only for Orders of 25 Dollars or less. Also, by Choosing this Free Shipping Service, you are in full agreement, that if your package Goes Missing, THERE WILL BE NO REFUND, BUT YOU CAN STAY A CUSTOMER OF MY BUSINESS...IF YOU WANT A REFUND, BECAUSE YOU ITEM LESS THAN $25.00, I WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY, BUT THEN YOU WILL BE BLOCKED FOREVER!!! I'm offer a 5 Working Day Handling Service”. “Our United States Customers Will Receive Their Items in 2 to 5 Days After the Shipping Date, By the U.S. Postal Service with Tracking Numbers. All Our Canadian Costumers Will Receive Their Items From 2 to 10 Days from the Shipping Date, From Canada Post with Tracking Numbers. All of my International Customers Will Receive Their Items From 2 to 5 Weeks from The Shipping Date, By UPS Ground Shipping with Tracking Numbers”.“These Shipping Terms are This Way Because I Can Offer the Lowest Trackable Shipping Fees to Each of Our Customers and Each Country in the World, on .ca and .com”I would like to Personally, Thank You for Helping Us Through Such Hard Times, Your Being a Customer of Mine is very much Appreciated! · We Offer a 10%Discount if You buy 2 Items and a 15% Discount if You Buy 3 Items and a 20%Discount if You Buy 4 or More Expectations*We Offer Same Day Communication, Through Messages."5 Day Turn Around Service, Safe & Secure Trackable Shipping that is the Cheapest on "."We Will Solve Any Problem That Can be Resolved by Us".You Pay Good Money for Your Pokémon Cards, So We Believe You Deserve Only the Best Quality Pokémon Cards on The Market Today, of a Grade of Near Mint 8 to Gem Mint 10 Cards. These are the Only Pokémon Cards That We Keep in Stock… ALL OF OUR POKEMON CARDS ARE 100% GENUINE REALAUTHENTIC. “Wizards of The Coast” POKEMON CARDS”.I OFFER A 30 DAY RETURN POLICY IF YOU FIND THE CARD YOU RECEIVED WAS NOT THE SAME ONE, AS DISCRIBED AND IS DIFFERENT FROM THE PICTURES OF THE ITEM THAT WE LISTED FOR SALE.IF YOU A DISPLEASED WITH YOUR ITEM IN ANYWAY, YOU CAN RETURN YOUR ITEM WITH IN 30 DAYS AND RECEIVE A 100% REFUND FOR THE ITEM. WE OFFER YOU A 7 ITEM PACKAGE WITH ONE SHIPPING COST, THAT MEANS THAT YOU CAN BUY 7 POKEMON CARDS FROM ME AND THEY WILL ALL BE SHIPPED IN THE BUBBLE ENVELOPE AND YOU PAY ONLY ONE SHIPPING FEE! AS WE HAVE OVER 5,000 POKEMON CARDS TO LIST FOR SALE ON.CA AND .COM AND THIS WILL SAVE YOU 6 EXTRA SHIPPING FEES. “Our Store isn’t all About Sales”. “We are Ready to Give you Valuable Information to Assist you as to Adding Pokémon Cards to Your Collection, that will Only Keep Going Up in Value”Your Item Is... Lost?Damaged?Missing? This is Our Job to Sort out a Replacement or a Refund. The Responsibility of Return Postage is Down to the Buyer.We Can Not Refund the Shipping Cost of Your Item if You Chose to Return it, For Any Other Reason, Other Than it is Not Matching the Exact Item You Purchased.But For Sure if We Receive the Item Returned in the Same Condition that we Shipped it to You in,We Will Definitely Refund You The Purchase Price. NO NEED TO MENTIONFAKE OR AUTHENTIC BECAUSE WE ONLY SELL, BRAND NEW “WIZARDS OF THE COAST” GENUINE POKEMON CARDS AND NOT PREVIOUSLY OWNED POKEMON CARDS!!!! The responsibility of return postage is down to the buyer in these case Scenarios. ISSUES, PROBLEMS,CASES & response ’s Advice is That Both the Seller & Customer Should Communicate, FIRST BEFORE OPENING ACASE. We Assure You That Things Can Be Resolved Without a Case Being Opened 99% of the Time. Please message Us first and Tell us Your Problem or Issue & Together We’ll Come Up with a Solution. ⭐️Your orders will be Shipped in the 5 Day Handling Timeframe or Sooner if Possible.When You Rush Things, Mistakes Tend to Happen ... We Rather to Take Our time to Do Things Right, Rather Than Make a Mistake and Let Our High Standards Be Lowered to a Level, That Would Be Shameful to Me. BE APART OF OUR EXPERIENCE!!! Be the First to Know About One of Our New Listings, By You Adding me as a FAVORITE One Bay.We Will do Our Part to Be a Responsible Seller and Be Very Open and Honest with You at All Times, So That You Know That We Are a Real Genuine Company. I Promise You Right Now That I Will Do Everything Possible to Give You a Very Positive Buying Experience, Because I Want You to Be a Returning Customer. Miscommunications Can Happen from Time to Time Especially with Messaging Being the Only Option to Communicate on , Because This Way is Very Time Consuming and Mistakes Can Be Made, especially if One Does Not Double Check Each Word as He or She Wishes to Communicate Between the Buyer and Seller. response &REVIEWS Here on to Be Successful, as to Up Your Positive response Count, BOTH SELLER & BUYER NEED to LEAVE a Positive response, for Both of Our Scores to Go Up. So Please Can You Leave a Positive response as Soon as You Have Received Your Item, that it is Exactly as Described and Pictured on The Listing, Thank You. And in Return We Will Do the Same For You. Let’s Both of Us Work Together to Achieve a Higher Ranking on .JTHANK YOU FOR TAKINGTHE TIME TO READ THIS LONG WORD DOCUMENT BUT I’M SURE YOU HAVE FOUND THE INFORMATION INFORMATIVE. 100% NO DOUBLES100% NO FAKES100% NO DAMAGED CARDS99% response PLEASE! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!Can You leave us Some Positive response Apone Your Item’s Arrival?We will Make Sure You Get Your POSITIVE response :) Q&A *All Items are 100%GENUINE* *Reasonable WORLDWIDESHIPPING Costs**30 Day Money Back Guarantee Refund Policy. **All Items are Packed Securely in Bubble Envelopes and Packaged Properly to Prevent Damage.Individual Cards Over $20.00 Will Come in a Hard Plastic TOPLOADER for Added Protection, Items Under $20.00 Will Come in Ultra Pro Gaming Card Soft Sleeves But Protected By Hard Cardboard Coverings and Then Put in Bubble Envelopes.*Same Day Customer Service with Responsible Messages and Solutions to Any Problem That Could Occur. Many More Listings to Come :)Have a Look @ Our Other Items!Any Questions Feel Free to Message Me!! JamesWright1961 U.S. POST OFFICE & WORLDWIDE POSTAGE & SHIPPING BEST OPTION – U.S. POST SHIPPING WITH TRACKING DELIVERYTO THE UNITED STATES, ARRIVES IN 2 TO 5 BUSINESS DAYS. BESTOPTION – CANADA POST SHIPPING WITH TRACKING DELIVERY TO CANADIAN CUSTOMERS, ARRIVES IN 2 TO 10 BUSINESS DAYS. ;BESTOPTION – UPS GROUNDE SHIPPING WITH TRACKINGDELIVERY TOINTERNATIONAL COUNTRIES, ARRIVES IN 2 TO 5 WEEKS. In Any Event That Your Item Doesn’t Turn Up or Is Missing Our Policy is ToWait 15 Business Days to Be Considered Lost or Stolen. In Most Cases BothSeller & Buyer are Covered by Insurance. Please Be Patient if This Should Happento You … It’s Just Protcool.ALL CUSTOMERS, WHO ARE OUTSIDE THE US, ARERESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FEES DUE TO CUSTOMS OR BORDER CHARGES/TAXES OR ANY OTHERCHARGE THAT OCCURS DURING SHIPPING.WE REDUCE POSTAGE COSTS FOR BUYERS OF MORE THAN ONE ITEM, WE WILL SHIP UPTO 7 ITEMS IN ONE SINGLE SHIPMENT TO QUALIFY FOR A POSTAGE DISCOUNT, ALL ITEMS MUST BE PAID FOR, PLEASE DO NOT offer OR BUY ANY ITEM IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO PAY. PAYMENT IS EXPECTED WITHIN 3 DAYS TIME AFTER COMPETEMENT OF THE SALE. ALL NON-PAYING buyers WILL BE REPORTED TO . IF YOU COMMIT TO BUY IT NOW YOU HAVE THEN MADE AN AGREEMENT WITH ME & IF PAYMENT ISN’T MADE. AN UNPAYED CASE WILL BEOPENED AGAINST YOU WHICH WILL GO DOWN AS A STRIKE ON YOUR RECORED. ALSO, IT IS POSSIBLE THAT I MAY DESIDE TO BLOCK YOU FROM FUTURE PURCHASES. PLEASE NOTE THAT IT COULD TAKE UP TO 15 WORKING / BUSSINESS DAYS FOR ITEM/S TO BE DECLAREDMISSING, LOST OR STOLEN. REFUNDSREFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN IF ITEM IS FAULTY OR DAMAGED UP TO 30 DAYS FROMPURCHASE DATE. IN THE EVENT OF THIS SITUATION, WE WILL TRY OUR BEST TO REPLACE THE ITEM/S BEFORE ANY REFUNDS ARE GIVEN IF THE BUYER IS SATIFIED. THE ITEM SHOULD BE RETURNED IN IT’S ORIGINAL STATE THAT THE BUYER RECEIVED IT IN / SELLER SENT IT OUT IN. BUYERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RETURN POSTAGE. THE POSTAGE WE USE TO SEND ITEM WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. responsePOLICY WE PRIDE ARE SELF'S ON ARE HIGH STANDARDS. PLEASE MESSAGE US BEFORE YOU INTEND TO LEAVE A NEGATIVE responseAS WE BELIEVE THAT WE CAN WORK OUT ANY PROBLEMS TOGETHER! WE WANT ALL ARE CUSTOMERS TO BE HAPPY WITH THERE PURCHASES. WE AIM TO KEEP 100% response AND WILL TRY TO DO SO IN THE NEAR FUTURE. IF YOU HAVE ANY TYPE OF QUERIES, QUESTION OR PROBLEM JUST MESSAGE US, WE NORMALLY HAVE A QUICK RESPONSE. IF FOR ANYREASON WE CAN'T MESSAGE YOU BACK ITS PROPERLY BECAUSE OF HIGH AMOUNTS OF MESSAGES AND MAY SLIP ARE MINDS BUT I WILL GET TO IT ASAP, JUST MESSAGE US AGAIN, THANK YOU, JAMES… YOURCARDS SAFETY WE WANT ALL ARE CUSTOMERS TO BE HAPPY WITH OUR SERVICE WHETHER IT'S SHIPPING SPEED, DISPATCH TIME, CARDCONDITION OR HOW YOU RECEIVE YOUR ITEM. YOUR SATISFACTION MEANS A LOT TO US SO WE WILL BE SENDING YOUR ITEMS WITH BUBBLE ENVELOPES. TO MAKE SURE YOUR ITEMS GET TO YOU SAFE AND SOUND. SOMETIMES WE DOUBLE PROTECT YOUR ENVELOPEFOR ADDED PROTECTION & STRONGER PACKAGING FOR ITEMS OF HIGHER VALUE OR WORLDWIDE CUSTOMERS.  CAN YOU PLEASE LEAVE A POSITIVE response, AS WE WILL LEAVE YOU ONE AS WILL, THANKS JAMES?VISIT OUR SHOP FOR LOTS MORE POKEMON CARDS THANKYOU FOR LOOKING AT ARE ITEMS!!

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