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Kim Kardashian’s 2010 Range Rover

Kim Kardashian 2010 Range Rover Sport Black

This is Kim Kardashian’s brand new 2010 Range Rover HSE with 24″ Agetro wheels. The new Range Rover is re-designed with new headlights and Kim took it a step further. She went to Platinum Motorsport and had the grille painted black and put 24″ Agetros on there. The centers are color matched black to the car and it has chrome lips.

This is Kim’s 3rd car already on our website and they are all customized very nicely.  She might not make too many good decisions in her life, but taking her cars to Platinum is definitely a good choice. -> 8.5/10

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Lil Boosie and his Yellow Camaro SS

Lil Boosie Yellow Camaro

This is Lil Boosie shaking hands with Bobby from Custom Chrome in Louisianna. This rally yellow camaro ss is staggered on 22″ Forgiato Infernos, custom painted yellow and black. The lips are chrome with yellow pinstripe. This car is bad ass! I think all 22s is the way to go on these new camaros. 24s are too big, even 22/24 combination makes the car look like an SUV. rating -> 9/10

Check out this video of his car featured in his music video “Top Notch”;

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Jason Richardson ; Dodge Challenger SRT8

Jason Richardson just had his Challenger done at California Wheels, in San Jose. He got it fully customized with the red suede interior, 22 Forgiato Itos with red pinstripe, and some kind of really cool red lights in the headlights.

The car looks pretty good. It looks really similar to T.I.’s challenger where he had the same exact wheels painted the same exact way. And the same interior. But these headlights are completely unique and look mean. rating –> 9/10

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