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Nate Clements | Hummer H2 on 26s

Last time we had Nate Clements on the blog, his wife had customized a 2010 Camaro SS for him as a birthday present. Here we have him standing in front of his  2006 Hummer H2. The Hummer was customized by Tommy and the boys over at California Wheels in San Jose.

The Hummer is sitting on 26″ Asanti 402 chrome wheels with 7″ lips! Usually, a deep lip for the front of the wheel does not look good but in this case it works. These Asantis with 7″ lips look good on SUVs like this and the Range. The tires are 315/40/26 Pirellis.

As if these 26″ Asantis werent expensive enough, there is a 5th in the back as a spare! rating -> 8/10

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Ryan Howard has a White Escalade

The reigning National League MVP, Ryan Howard has a white Cadillac Escalade on 26″ Chrome Asantis. A big car for a big guy. I am not a big fan of all chrome wheels. But when you go for 26s, all chrome is usually the best choice.

The chrome wheels match the chrome trim, chrome side vents and chrome grille very nicely. The car is all white and chrome and looks pretty good.

My only problem is the car is now sitting too high that he put 26s on it. You need to lower it a little or else it looks really bad with the big gap in the wheel well. Drop this car an inch or two and it will make a world of difference. Lay off the high fastball a little more and that will also make a world of difference. rating -> 8/10

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