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David Beckham Camaro

David Beckham Camaro

david beckham camaro

This is David Beckham’s 2010 Camaro customized by Platinum Motorsports in Los Angeles. Looks like Beckham is really trying to fit into the United States with this American muscle car.

The car has a matte gray finish on it – hard to tell from the pictures wether it is a flat gray paint job or a flat gray vinyl wrap. With a flat gray finish like this, the best option for wheels is always matte black. Beckham went with the Agetro V500 wheels in an all matte black finish. The only other modifications I see is a blacked out grille and tinted windows.

The car looks good, very tastefully done and mean. I would have loved to see Beckham do a wide body conversion on his Camaro, that would have been insane! rating -> 8.5/10

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Andrew Bynum – Nissan GTR

Andrew Bynum is a true car fanatic. He customizes all of his cars at Platinum Motorsport in Los Angeles. This is his super fast Nissan GTR that is going to be featured on the cover of Super Street Magazine. The wheels are 22″ matte black Agetros which match the car perfectly. The best part about this car is the amazing body kit with the carbon fiber trim.

I dont understand why the front license plate says “Giant Killer” since he would be the Giant at 7 ft tall. Either way, the car is bad ass. rating -> 9/10

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