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Andrew Bynum’s New Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Andrew Bynum has done it again! No, not another championship for the Lakers but another bad ass car. This time he took his 2010 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano to CEC and had them tune it. They also threw on a set of Carbon Fiber Forgiato Maglia wheels. 22×9 in the front with a 3″ lip and 22×12 in the rear with a 4″ lip.

I wish I had a video clip of this car because you need to hear how good it sounds, unbelievable.

It just doesnt get much better than this. First car ever to get a perfect score on our website! rating -> 10/10

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Andrew Bynum – Nissan GTR

Andrew Bynum is a true car fanatic. He customizes all of his cars at Platinum Motorsport in Los Angeles. This is his super fast Nissan GTR that is going to be featured on the cover of Super Street Magazine. The wheels are 22″ matte black Agetros which match the car perfectly. The best part about this car is the amazing body kit with the carbon fiber trim.

I dont understand why the front license plate says “Giant Killer” since he would be the Giant at 7 ft tall. Either way, the car is bad ass. rating -> 9/10

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Andrew Bynum picks up a new Ferrari

Andrew Bynum Ferrari

Andrew Bynum picked up a new car just in time for the 2010 NBA season. Here is a picture of Bynum’s Ferrari F430 with 20″ Forgiato Martellato wheels. The wheels have a brushed center and a polished lip. Very good choice in wheels with this sporty 5 spoke design. I like the fact that the wheels aren’t chrome or colorful. The car is flashy enough the way it is and having colorful wheels would take away from it.

This Ferrari makes a good compliment to Bynum’s Wide Body Challenger painted purple and gold. The Challenger is probably his every day driver while the Ferrari is for special occasions. Must be nice! rating -> 9/10

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