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Akon’s White Panamera

Akon adds another car to his incredible fleet. This time it is a white Porsche Panamera with staggered white and black 22″ Savini wheels. It seems like white is the new black this year with cars, especially in Miami. The car was customized by The Auto Firm in Miami.

The Panamera looks a little plain without a body kit but the wheels do help. I hold Akon to a higher standard and would have liked to see him take this custom build to the next level with some more black accents and maybe even a Mansory body kit. rating -> 7/10

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Felix Hernandez | Mercedes GL 550

This is Felix Hernandez’s white 2009 Mercedes GL 550 completely customized by MCA Customs in Miami. This big SUV is a great compliment to his Maserati Quattroporte that we posted earlier.

This car has a crazy body kit, not sure who makes it. It is really aggresive but I think it works. The GL is a little boring without it. The white and chrome Vellanos are also a good match for this car. You can never go wrong with chrome on these big SUVs.

Just like Platinum Motorsport on the west coast, everything MC&A Customs in Miami touches turns out awesome. rating -> 9/10

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