Matte Red Camaro | Kevin Durant

matte red camaro


This is Kevin Durant’s new car, a matte red 2011 Camaro SS. WOW, that is A LOT of red. This car really needs some contrast to make it look right. The perfect contrast color would be flat black on this flat red paint job. Instead of having the thin pinstripes on the hood he should have filled in racing stripes going all the way through the car. He got a custom grille that says KD on it but that also nees some contrast.

I cant get over how much red there is on this car, might as well have put on red tires. I like the aggressive fitment of the rims but even the wheels on the car are too much red. It would look so much better with some black lips.

This concept might work on an all white or all black car, but it definitely doesn’t work on a matte red car. rating -> 4/10

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