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Robinson Cano’s Red Ferrari California

Robinson Cano just might be the AL MVP this season and is currently battling the Texas Rangers in the playoffs. When the all star second baseman for the New York Yankees isn’t at Yankee Stadium, he might be seen riding around in his red Ferrari California.

This car was customized by MC&A Customs, the same guys who worked on his Porsche Panemera. It is staggered on Forgiato Maglias, red and black center with a chrome lip. Usually I say that if you dont have chrome trim on your car, the chrome lip does not look good. This car is an exception. The wheels really work here with the red and black center matching the car, and the chrome lip really stands out along with the chrome exhaust tips.

MC&A has a very impressive clientele of baseball players, and for good reason. They keep knocking out home runs with their amazing taste and superior quality work.

Red Ferrari with tan interior is always a good choice. Very nice customization takes this car to the next level. rating -> 9/10

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Darren Mcfadden’s Buick on 32s!

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Vernon Davis – Black Bentley Continental GTC

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Flo Rida customizes his new CL

Here is Flo Rida standing infront of his CL on 22″ 3 piece wheels. The centers are color matched to the car and it has a chrome lip.

The design of the wheel is really boring but the setup is nice. I would expect something a little more flashy from Flo Rida but he did a clean setup at The Auto Firm in Miami, FL. rating -> 7/10

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Kim Kardashian driving Reggie Bush’s Grey Ferrari F430

Here is Kim Kardashian spotted driving a grey Ferrari F430 with color matched 20″ and 22″ iForged wheels with a chrome lip. I am pretty sure this is Reggie Bush’s Ferrari.

I dont like the set up on this car at all. The wheels are too big for this car. I think this is as ghetto as a Ferrari F430 can look. rating -> 3/10

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