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Frank Gore’s Rolls Royce Drophead

Frank Gore has stepped up his game, going from a Maserati Quattroporte to a Rolls Royce Drophead coupe. The car is staggered on 26″ Forgiato Andata wheels. It has a brushed aluminum center with black windows and a chrome lip. The car also has the brushed aluminum hood option which is a very expensive option.

This is one of the coolest cars you can ever get. You get all of the luxury of a Rolls Royce but the fact that it is a coupe and a convertible makes it a lot more fun to drive. rating -> 9/10

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Justin Bieber’s Cadillac CTS-V aka Batmobile


This is Justin Bieber’s matte black Cadillac CTS-V coupe customized by West Coast Customs. These pictures were taken at SEMA 2011 by GT Spirit. The car has suicide doors and is wrapped in matte black vinyl. It also has a custom audio system that is no joke. It is sitting on 20″ matte black Asanti wheels which look really good on this coupe.

I was tempted to give this car a good rating but you can not take it seriously for two reasons. 1) It is a 17 year olds car. 2) It has batman logos all over and is batmobile themed. rating -> 7/10

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