One of the best scorers in college basketball history, Stephen Curry now plays for the Golden State Warriors. While many people had questions about his size and wether or not his skills would translate to the next level, he proved them all wrong. He is one of the best young guards in the NBA. Here he is standing infront of his customized 2009 Mercedes Benz G55 from California Wheels in San Jose.

The wheels are 24″ chrome and black Modular Society wheels with a custom Mercedes center cap. The tire size they went with was 350/35/24 all around. Some other extras include custom LED tail lights, custom LED blinkers, custom chrome cages, window tint, and smoked lights. The head rests also have “SC30” stiched into them.

The car looks great, nothing but black and chrome all over the car. Great fitment with 35 series tires on the 24s, he wont be bending his wheels every week. rating -> 9/10

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