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T-Pain | Rolls Royce Ghost on Asantis

T-Pain is one of the few rappers who actually thinks logically when it comes to choosing rims on his car. It might be because he owns his own custom shop in Atlanta, GA called Auto Extremes and knows all of the head aches that come with custom oversized rims. He tends to be very conservative with his wheel choices as you can see above.

Here is his 2011 Rolls Royce Ghost sitting on a set of 22″ Asanti wheels. He could have easily put a set of 24s on this car but decided to go more conservative. Even though the paint scheme and thick 5 spoke design looks good on this car, it is still a fail in our eyes.

You might get a smoother ride with the smaller rims but you dont get any points on our website – you might as well have kept the stock wheels! rating -> 6.5/10

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Zach Randolph’s Donk | 76 Impala

Zach Randolph is currently balling right now leading his Memphis Grizlles to a 2-1 series lead over the #1 seed San Antonio Spurs. Charles Barkley recently commented that Zach Randolph has the “most effective ugly game” he’s ever seen. That may be true, but there is nothing ugly about his cars.

This 1976 Impala is painted PPG Vibrance Red. The Asanti AF143 wheels are color matched vibrance red and chrome. The tire sizes are 255/30/26. He has a crazy Kicker audio system installed which includes a ZX2500.1 amplifier, 4 15 inch solo classic subwoofers, kenwood head unit, 4 6″ mids, 4 6x9s, and a Sony DVD player.

Z-Bo knows exactly what hes doing with his old school Chevys. He has a very impressive fleet of donks and they are all customized the right way. 26s is the way to go on these cars – no bigger, no smaller. rating -> 9/10

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CJ Watson’s 2008 GMC Denali

Here is C.J. Watson, the speedy back up point guard of the Chicago Bulls standing in front of his 2008 GMC Denali. You might have heard his name in the news recently for dating Floyd Mayweather’s girl Josie Harris. But we are here to talk about his car and only his car. He had all the customization done over at California Wheels in San Jose while he was playing with the Golden State Warriors.

The wheels are all black 2-piece 24″ Giannelle Barcelonas on 285/40/24 Toyo Tires. The vehicle was lowered 3″. The grille was painted black to match the wheels. It also has custom made headlights with HID kit and Halos. Great choice on the 2-piece wheels because they are a lot less likely to bend than the 3-piece wheels, especially on a heavy SUV like this. The tires are not too low profile, so that also helps protect the rims. The color is really boring, would have loved to see it be converted to a matte paint job.

I feel like this customization is incomplete. If your going to paint the grille and the wheels all black, why would you leave all the chrome molding? Rating -> 7/10

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Lebron James New Car | White Camaro SS

Lebron James just picked up a new car to add to his fleet of cars in Miami. This time he picked up an all white 2010 Camaro SS. The car is completely white except for the gloss black emblem, the tinted windows, and a thin black pinstripe racing stripes.

I like the idea of going all white on a Camaro, I have never seen it done before. The all white multi spoke wheels also look good on this car. I love the staggered lips on the wheels. The only problem I have is with the racing stripe outlines. I don’t think it adds anything to the car and it just looks awkward.

The King definitely has good taste in his cars and this is no exception. rating -> 9/10

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Chris Andersen aka Birdman – Monster Truck

Chris Andersen Birdman Truck

This big ass truck belongs to Chris Andersen, aka “Birdman” of the Denver Nuggets. It was customized by Car Toys in Denver, CO. I can’t imagine how fun it must be to drive this car around town.

Birdman’s truck is a SportChassis P4XL with 22.5″ black wheels and a chrome strut grille. The interior features Italian leather wrapped dash and lower console with suede headliner.

Very unique choice for an NBA car and Birdman is a very unique guy so it makes sense. rating -> 9/10

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T-Pain with his Orange Hearse!

t pain prange hearse
Here is T-Pain with George from Platinum Motorsport standing infront of his custom HEARSE! I dont know why he has a hearse but since he does have one, might as well pimp it out. And that is exactly what he has done.

Some of the customization includes custom orange paint job, chrome rims, blue top and a matching blue fiberglass coffin in the back. The coffin is filled with speakers and tvs.

I love the originality. I just wish they had done something cool to the grille in the front. rating -> 8.5/10

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