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Nick Cannon | Red Ferrari F430

Nick Cannon went to Platinum Motorsport to get some wheels put on his 2007 Red Ferrari F430.  First off, it is a great decision to pick red as the color for his Ferrari, any other color just doesn’t look as good on a Ferrari. He ended up going with some brushed and black Agetro C-S250 wheels.

The design of the wheel is really cool. It looks like 5 arrows pointing at the Agetro star cap in the middle. I also like the finish on the wheels – brushed face, black trim, and a chrome lip. A lot of people play it safe with Ferrari wheels and usually have them painted completely black, but the chrome lip really works reflecting the red calipers of the car.

With his wife expecting twins, I think its time for him to trade in this 430 for a 4 door Porsche Panamera. rating -> 8.5/10

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Josh Koscheck’s Ferrari F430

Josh Koscheck goes back to back on our website with this silver 2007 Ferrari F430. This looks a lot different than his black Hummer that was previously posted. Both cars were customized by California Wheels.

The best part of the car is the matte black Vellano wheels.  The front has 19×8.5″ Vellano VSH wheels with 235-35-19 Pirelli tires. The rear has 20×12.5″ Vellano VSH wheels 325-25-20 Pirelli tires. It also has Brembo Ceramic Brakes that were custom painted yellow, a Quicksilver Exhaust, ECU Tuning, tinted windows, and smoked lights. That killer stance is achieved by lowering the car 1.5″ with coil overs.

The silver car with matte black wheels looks really clean. I also love the yellow brakes to go with the yellow Ferrari emblem on the car. rating -> 9/10

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Justin Bieber Matte Black Ferrari F430

I would have never thought a 16 year old pop singer would have one of the best cars on this website. Justin Bieber beats out most of the NBA, NFL, and MLB players.

This flat black Ferrari F430 has 20″ gloss black wheels in the front and 22″ gloss black wheels in the rear and red pinstripes to match the red calipers.

It looks like its not a vinyl wrap, and it is actually painted flat black. I also like that the wheels are gloss black instead of flat black like the car, the contrast really makes it look nice. rating -> 9.5/10

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Lebron James Ferrari F430 Spyder

Here is King James with his grey convertible Ferrari. The wheels are color matched grey to the car with chrome lips. There is also a lot of red on this car with the tail lights, red interior, and red brembo brakes.

The lip sizes are pretty small on this car but that could be because of the monster brakes. I like the staggered setup and the fitment of the wheels but the wheel design is nothing special. It looks to be a thin 5 spoke wheel with grooves in the middle.

Nothing special here from Lebron, maybe with Shaq coming to C-town….he can help him customize his cars. rating -> 7.5/10

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Mehmet Okur’s Yellow Ferrari

Mehmet Okur might be stuck playing basketball in Utah, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make it as fun as possible. Here he is about to get into his yellow Ferrari F430 staggered on 19″ chrome wheels. The rims are a simple 5 spoke design.

I like the the rims a lot because it makes the yellow Ferrari center cap pop out at you. Most people would go with black rims on a yellow Ferrari, but surprisingly chrome works pretty well too.

I dont even think this car would fit in the narrow streets of his home town Istanbul. rating -> 7.5/10

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Kim Kardashian driving Reggie Bush’s Grey Ferrari F430

Here is Kim Kardashian spotted driving a grey Ferrari F430 with color matched 20″ and 22″ iForged wheels with a chrome lip. I am pretty sure this is Reggie Bush’s Ferrari.

I dont like the set up on this car at all. The wheels are too big for this car. I think this is as ghetto as a Ferrari F430 can look. rating -> 3/10

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Carlos Boozer’s Black Ferrari

Carlos Boozer's Ferrari

Here is Carlos Boozer with his Ferrari F430 Spyder. It is staggered on black/satin Forgiato Estremo wheels. It would look even better if it wasn’t raining and he could have the top down. But it is still an awesome looking car and the wheels look great. rating –> 9/10

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