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Flo Rida | Chrome Bugatti Veyron

Chrome Bugatti! Doesnt get a lot more impressive than that.
chrome bugatti

Flo Rida went pop years ago and apparently it’s paid off as we know he has a serious stable of high-end and custom cars and his new chrome Bugatti is at the top of the list.  MetroWrapz of Hollywood, FL took care of the wrapping responsibilities and we think they did a damn good job as we admire how the roof and hood  are contrasted in a matte silver. Check out a video of the chrome Bugatti in motion below. You might also like a video of this blue chrome Bugatti.

We would love to see him take the next step and add a set of custom wheels. rating -> 8/10

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Flo Rida customizes his new CL

Here is Flo Rida standing infront of his CL on 22″ 3 piece wheels. The centers are color matched to the car and it has a chrome lip.

The design of the wheel is really boring but the setup is nice. I would expect something a little more flashy from Flo Rida but he did a clean setup at The Auto Firm in Miami, FL. rating -> 7/10

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