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Plies | Chrome Pontiac Grand Prix


Plies just built this 1968 Pontiac Grand Prix. The car is actually painted in chrome and this is not a chrome vinyl wrap. The paint job is said to have cost $47,000. The wheels on the car are 26″ DUB Azzmackas in an all chrome finish.

I dont like the choice of the wheels at all. The chrome on the wheels makes the car look like it is just a bright silver instead of chrome.  I would have loved to see black racing stripes and black wheels to contrast the chrome finish on the car. I also think he should have went with much more of a classic design. Putting these specific wheels on any car automatically makes it a joke. Nobody will take this car seriously.

But if he had put some black sporty muscle car wheels on this car, it might have been a different story. rating -> 6/10

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Plies | Maserati Quattroporte

Rapper, Plies, has a Maserati Quattroporte that was painted a custom metallic burgundy paint. He had his 22″ Forgiato Inferno wheels color matched to the car. Would have liked to see him color match the brakes as well, the red brembos really clash right next to the burgundy paint.

All the customization on the car was done by Ultimate Audio in South Carolina. The custom audio is on point in the trunk and the stance is at the right height. rating -> 8/10

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