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Rob Dyrdek | 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

rob dyrdek camaro for sale

Rob Dyrdek may have been a professional skateboarder, he may have been a TV star, and he may have been a number of other things but he’s nothing less than an American entrepreneur. While building up amazing businesses from toy lines, to TV shows, he’s also collected a few nice cars including this 1969 Camaro which he recently sold. In terms of customizations, it’s hard to go wrong when you are building a 69 Camaro. We’re big fans of Rob, love this Camaro, and can’t believe he let it go.  rating -> 9/10

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Rob Dyrdek Car – Flat White Tahoe

Rob Dydrek Flat White Tahoe

Here is Rob Dyrdek’s car – a flat white Tahoe customized by Platinum Motorsport. The rims are 26″ MHT LLC 6. Flat white is one of the coolest things you can do to a car. It looks amazing in person. I like the facts that the 26″ MHT wheels are flat black and give a strong contrast with the rest of the car. The wheels are a nice and simple 6 spoke design. The rear wheel seems to have a decent lip.

Suprisingly 26’s dont look too big on this Tahoe. Nice wheel, nice paint job, and nice fitment. rating -> 7.5/10

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