This Swedish NHL goaltender for the New York Rangers is no stranger to the exotic car scene; apart from this “stealth” Gallardo, Lundqvist has another orange Lambo and a soft spot for Maseratis.

Obviously happy with his latest custom job, Henrik revealed his signature Gallardo on Instagram. The once black car was given to Proformance Industries (guy pictured on the left) to work their magic. The Hockey star wanted a matte finish but was bored of black. After some head scratching the custom team decided on gunship grey, a color that’s quite popular at the moment. Adding a little extra to the cool finish, the paint has a metallic flake that will really make it pop as it speeds along under the sun.

Oh yeah, check out the Lundqvist badge on the rear… nice touch. With the black rims and a unique stealth finish, I can only score this high. rating -> 9/10

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