Gordon Ramsay’s favorite word begins with an “F” and so does his favorite make of cars. After being taken for a spin around the company’s test track in the 210-mph car, the foul-mouthed chef branded the Ferrari F12 as “sexy” and “fantastic”.

It’s not unknown The F Word host loves Ferrari, as he has owned a string of them, including the 550 Maranello from 2001. He also owns a gorgeous white 458 Italia.

The F12 is Ferrari’s fastest production model, its howling 740-bhp V12 engine rocketing it from 0-62mph in 3.1 seconds.

Even Ramsay would have had to wait, as even with a $383,000 price tag, it sold out immediately and there is a year waiting list.

I like the fact he’s chosen dark blue and gone for black rims.

CelebrityCarz.com rating -> 8.5/10

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