This two-time Academy Award winner needs no introduction; the Forrest Gump and Apollo 13 star is probably the most recognisable face in Hollywood and the world over. Despite being one of Hollywood’s top-grossing actors, Hanks is known for his love of everything green, eco-friendly and relatively boring. Way back in 2003 – when the electric technology was very much a new concept – he bought a Rav4 EV, an electric version of the compact Toyota SUV. In fact, six years after driving the Rav4 Hanks wrote to the New Yorker, praising its durability and low impact on the environment.

Thanks to F1 the electric technology has since improved dramatically, and Hanks has been seen around L.A in a AC Propulsion eBox. The little car is a Toyota Scion modified to become a fully electric vehicle, a transformation that set Hanks back a massive $55,000 – not that it matters to him, of course.

We score this low because… well, just look at the thing. rating -> 3/10

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