Bill Goldberg Tahoe Moz Wheels Celebrity Car WWF

Here is former wrestling star Bill Goldberg posing infront of his MOZ wheels on his 2009 Tahoe. The wheel is called the Shine and the finish is black and chrome.

Two very good things about this setup.

1 – The 6 spoke wheels match the car perfectly since it is a 6 lug. Sometimes you see people drilling 6 holes into a 5 spoke wheel and it completely ruins the design of the wheel.

2- The tires still have some meat on them. Their not like most of the rubber band tires we see with aftermarket rims.  When you drive an SUV like a Tahoe, you dont want to be worried about bending your wheels every second.

They look like their tucking in a little bit in the rear, but not a big deal. rating -> 8/10

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