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Jeremy Clarkson | Jaguar F Type

Considering how many countries the UK Top Gear is broadcasted in, I don’t think there is a single person on the planet who doesn’t know who this guy is. From his hatred of “bicyclists” and “eco mentalists” to his hilarious use of hyperbole test driving cars, Jeremy Clarkson has been talking and writing about cars since the days of Thatcher.

Having started reviewing cars such as the early Golf GTI when he sported an afro, Jeremy is more at home in 1000-bhp supercars. In fact, he was ridiculed by his fellow presenters when he purchased a Ford GT-40 as is drank too much gas and he couldn’t climb into it without looking like a “cock”.

Clarkson was spotted in West London this year in his new £80,000 Jaguar F Type. I love the white and contrasting black rims, however, I’m surprised to see Clarkson in a convertible – he once claimed on TV that anyone over the age of 28 couldn’t get away with a convertible. rating -> 9/10

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Steven Gerrard | Jaguar XKR

Steven Gerrard | Jaguar XKR

Steven Gerrard, MBE is captain for Liverpool FC and the England squad. His innate leadership qualities have seen him lead his teams to glory on many occasions, the most memorable Liverpool’s 2005 Champions League win against AC Milan. Liverpool were 3-0 down at half time, but thanks to Gerrard’s “never say never” attitude, they managed to not only equalize, but they eventualy won 3-2 on penalties.

Gerrard loves Range Rovers, particularly the Overfinch upgrades. Here we see the England captain taking his Jaguar XKR for a spin. Although his wife drives an Aston Martin DBS, she also decided the XKR was the better choice to go shopping in.

Despite being standard it is nonetheless a very pretty car. rating -> 7.5/10

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Top 10 Basketball Player’s Cars

Like most athletes, what they drive around in matters, and this is defiantly the case when it comes to the NBA. Ballers are responsible for the most diverse and eclectic collection of cars in the sports world. From Donks to 4X4s, you’ll find them all here, and being taller than the average male doesn’t stop ballers from buying small and sporty either.

Here we see Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry II with his pimped out Mercedes G-Wagon. Considered one of the greatest shooters in the game, this baller thinks big when it comes to his rims and ride.

Kevin Wayne Durant is a forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder. This Olympic gold medalist and former Rookie Of The Year has chosen one of Ferrari’ finest with the California.

George Hill, Jr. is the Indiana Pacers’ points guard with an obvious creative streak. This is what happens when an athlete and a vision is bought into reality. I’ll leave you to decide whether it’s a good vision or a nightmare.

Chris Andersen, aka “Birdman” is a center for the Miami Heat with a slightly different vision. This monstrous International was customized by Car Toys in Denver, CO. Matching it’s imposing presence, it sits upon 22.5″ black wheels. Big truck for a big guy.

Miami Heat forward LeBron James has a Ferrari F430 convertible. It’s nice to see a Ferrari that isn’t red, and not only that, the after market rims actually suit this car – for an athlete this is even more remarkable.

6′ 11″ L.A. Lakers center, Dwight Howard certainly needs leg room when it comes to his cars. What better way to transport that 270-lbs torso around than in this silver white Bentley Mulsanne?

Marc Gasol Sáez is a Spanish center for the Memphis Grizzlies. 2012 NBA All-Star and 2013 NBA Defensive Player of the Year, Grisol owns a rather reserved yet stylish Jaguar XK.

Miami Heat Michael Paul Beasley, Jr. plays both forward positions for the Miami Heat due to being ambidextrous. Beasley loves black on black as seen here on his Range Ranger. He also has a black on black Bentley Flying Spur.

James Harden is a shooting guard for the Houston Rockets and a 2013 first-time All-Star. His beard is almost as impressive as his yellow Chevrolet Camero. A fan of making an impression, Harden also has a murdered-out Range Rover and an all white Mercedes S Class.

Reggie Evans is a power forward for the Brooklyn Nets and is one of the ‘Donk’ clan. I’m personally not sold on these cars and their stupidly over-sized wheels. It doesn’t take Freud to tell you its a form of ‘look at me’ attention seeking. It certainly attracts attention, although perhaps the wrong kind…

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