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Kim Kardashian | Custom White Ferrari 458 Italia

white ferrari 458


Kim Kardashian, the reigning queen of custom cars, does it again. With the help of Jack and George at Platinum Motorsports in Los Angeles, she has one of the hottest whips in L.A. This white Ferrari 458 has 21″ and 22″ monoblock Agetro M140 wheels. The monoblock wheels are light weight and forged, so she wont be losing any performance in this white Ferrari 458.

The wheels seem to be powdercoated a matte gun metal color. This car is just not a pretty girl’s ride, this car is a beast! After driving Reggie Bush’s Ferrari F430 for a long time, I am sure she will be happy to call this white Ferrari 458 her own now.

Very nice car, another amazing car created by Platinum Motorsports for Kim Kardashian. rating -> 10/10

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Akon’s White Ferrari 458 Italia

Good to see Akon still doing his thing with custom cars. He is definitely a car nut and has now picked up a white Ferrari 458 Italia. I love the color of the car with the blacked out tail lights…but thats where it ends.

The car is sitting up way too high, very bad move. The design of the wheels is alright, you cant go wrong with a split 5 spoke on a sports car but chrome and white finish? Really? This is not an S550 or a 7 Series, he should have went with some brushed and/or black concave wheels.

Just another case of somebody buying an awesome car but butchering it with customization that was not well thought out. rating -> 3/10

Photos courtesy of Andrew Brannen : Check out his website and Flickr.

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Gucci Mane’s Yellow Ferrari 458 Italia

I dont know how Gucci Mane is able to get in the front of the waiting list to buy one of the hottest cars out right now. But he is – and he did. He also had it staggered with 21″ and 22″ custom Forgiato Opposti wheels. He had them painted black and yellow to match the car.

The stock 458 wheels are amazing, a sporty thin 5 spoke wheel that looks perfect. It is very hard to find an upgrade from those wheels. I wouldn’t call these wheels an upgrade but they do look good. The lines of the wheel really flow well with the lines on the body of the car.

The only criticism I have is the yellow pinstripe on the black lip is just too much going on. An all black lip would have been much better. rating -> 9.5/10

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