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Chad Johnson picks up a Smart Car


Chad Johnson just signed with the Miami Dolphins so we expect him to have a brand new fleet of cars very soon. His first purchase is a smart car which was customized by Alex Vega at The Auto Firm. The entire car was hooked up including a matte black paint job, custom rims, and audio.

Although this is a cool car, we expect something bigger and better to be coming soon from the wide receiver formerly known as Ochocinco. rating -> 8.5/10

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Eric Berry’s Black Tahoe on 26s

Eric Berry, the former Tennessee Volunteer, is now playing safety for the Kansas City Chiefs. Here he is standing infront of his black Chevy Tahoe with 26″ Giovanna Dalar 6V wheels with a matte black and machined two tone finish.

Like most of the Chiefs, he got his car customized by Chad Dearth at KC Trends in Overland Park, KS. The wheels have a very aggressive fitment of 26×10.5 all around. I think the 25 series tires are too thin for such a heavy car. I also think the 6 thin spokes on the wheel don’t really match the car.

Great fitment but wrong choice of wheels in my opinion. rating -> 5.5/10

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Chad Johnson / OCHOCINCO and his Hummer

Chad Johnson Ochocinco Hummer

Here is Ochocinco (Chad Johnson) the star wide receiver of the Cincinnati Bengals standing infront of his baby blue Hummer H2 with 24″ baby blue rims. The wheels are color matched to the car with a chrome lip and chrome bolts. The wheels have a 3″ lip in the front and back.

Cmon Ocho, after all those touchdown celebrations and tweets and attention getting antics, I would have bet anything that you would be rolling on 28s!

The wheels look great and match the car very well. I just wish there was some more rubber on the tires. Seems a little too thin for an SUV. My opinion would be go all out with 26s or 28s or just go with some meaty tires and ride it hard. I would love to give him a rating of 8.5 but he doesn’t deserve it. rating -> 7.5/10

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