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Chris Andersen aka Birdman – Monster Truck

Chris Andersen Birdman Truck

This big ass truck belongs to Chris Andersen, aka “Birdman” of the Denver Nuggets. It was customized by Car Toys in Denver, CO. I can’t imagine how fun it must be to drive this car around town.

Birdman’s truck is a SportChassis P4XL with 22.5″ black wheels and a chrome strut grille. The interior features Italian leather wrapped dash and lower console with suede headliner.

Very unique choice for an NBA car and Birdman is a very unique guy so it makes sense. rating -> 9/10

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Al Harrington’s Phantom Drophead

This blue Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead was customized by Kustom Kings in Sin City. It belongs to golden state warriors star Al Harrington.

The wheels are 24″ Satin Silver Forgiato Otto with Blue Windows and Blue Flange.

Car looks great as the wheels match with the brushed aluminum hood of the car. I think this phantom looks a lot better than Beckhams. rating –> 8.5/10

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