This is Ryan Sheckler’s Black Range Rover HSE. It has 24″ red Asanti wheels, tinted windows, blacked out lights, and a custom painted red grille. This is about as bad as you can make a Range Rover look. This car is horribly customized.

I like taking chances with your car but this just doesn’t make sense. It looks like the grille and the scoops on the hood were just spray painted red. The tints on the front head lights are too dark.

I would give this car a 1 rating but I will take it easy on the professional skate boarder beacause he looks like he is 16 and this is his first car. He still has time to step his car game up. rating ->2/10

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Ryan Sheckler's Black Range Rover, 3.2 out of 10 based on 504 ratings