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David Beckham Camaro

David Beckham Camaro

david beckham camaro

This is David Beckham’s 2010 Camaro customized by Platinum Motorsports in Los Angeles. Looks like Beckham is really trying to fit into the United States with this American muscle car.

The car has a matte gray finish on it – hard to tell from the pictures wether it is a flat gray paint job or a flat gray vinyl wrap. With a flat gray finish like this, the best option for wheels is always matte black. Beckham went with the Agetro V500 wheels in an all matte black finish. The only other modifications I see is a blacked out grille and tinted windows.

The car looks good, very tastefully done and mean. I would have loved to see Beckham do a wide body conversion on his Camaro, that would have been insane! rating -> 8.5/10

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Andrew Bynum – Wide Body Dodge Challenger SRT8

Andrew Bynum and the Los Angeles Lakers just won the 2009 NBA Championship. A lot of people in LA are driving around with Lakers flags sticking out of their cars, Bynum took it to the next level. He went to Platinum Motorsports in LA to customize his Challenger into the ultimate Laker car.

The car is painted purple with gold racing stripes. They wheels are painted purple with gold trim and pinstripe. The colors might get most of the attention but this is one bad ass car for a completely different reason.

They have cut up this car and made it a wide body. He actually fit 24×14″ Forgiatos in the rear with an 8″ lip! Only negative I can see is the blacked out tail lights are a little too much and doesn’t match the rest of the car. rating -> 9/10

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